Puberty Talk:

Let's be honest, having the puberty talk with our kids can be uncomfortable. It's a topic that can bring about feelings of fear, embarrassment, and uncertainty for both parents and children. However, avoiding the conversation is not an option. We don't want our kids to rely on inaccurate information from their friends or the internet.

The truth is, discussing puberty should be a natural and normal part of our conversations, but many of us didn't have that experience growing up. That's where I come in to help. I'm here to guide you and your child in starting this conversation in an open, comfortable, and even fun setting.


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In our 2.5-hour class, whether conducted in person (Los Angeles) or online, we will cover all the basics of puberty, leaving no room for embarrassment. Together, we'll create an environment where your child feels at ease and empowered to ask questions, gain accurate knowledge, and navigate this important stage of life with confidence.

Let's make the puberty talk a positive and informative experience for both you and your child. Join me in this journey of open communication and understanding.


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