Are you ready to build long lasting connection with your child?

Reach out today to talk with me about how I can support you.

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Are you ready to build long lasting connection with your child?

Reach out today to talk with me about how I can support you.


Hello! I'm Elham Raker, M.D.

I firmly believe in the importance of looking beyond the surface and seeking the root cause of any issue. Whether it's a behavioral concern or a medical condition, quick fixes rarely provide long-lasting solutions.

I am passionate about delving into the underlying causes and providing comprehensive support that nurtures the growth and well-being of both children and parents.

 Does This Sound Familiar?

  • My kids won’t listen to me.
  • Time out does not work.
  • I hate yelling at my kids.
  • Bedtime is so stressful.
  • My kids won’t stop fighting.
  • My kids won’t stop fighting.
  • I feel so guilty about everything I do.
  • My kids temper tantrums really overwhelm me.

You are not alone…I’ve been there and I can relate.  I can also help you and show you the tools to navigate the frustrations of parenting.


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My Journey

My educational journey began at UCLA for my undergraduate studies, followed by attending UCIrvine College of Medicine for medical school and completing my residency at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. With over 20 years of experience practicing medicine in various clinical settings, I have had the privilege of witnessing the profound impact that quality healthcare can have on children and their families.

As a mother myself, I understand firsthand the joys and challenges that come with raising children. This personal experience, coupled with my deep desire to be of service and my genuine love for children, led me to explore parent coaching as a means of further supporting families. I wanted to provide a space where parents could have dedicated time and attention to have all their questions answered and their needs addressed—going beyond the hurried doctor visits that often leave limited time for thorough discussions.

Society often tells us that we "should" love every aspect of parenting, and if we don't, there must be something wrong with us.

In my journey as a parent coach, I have obtained certification as a Jai Parent Coach, equipping me with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to guide you through the challenges you may face. I am eager to share my insights and help you build a stronger connection with your child, addressing their individual needs and empowering you to navigate the complexities of parenthood.

Join our community of parents who understand the ups and downs of raising children and advocating for their well-being. We believe in your innate ability to be a remarkable parent, and we're here to provide the support and encouragement you need every step of the way.

Together, let's embrace the beautiful chaos of parenting and create a nurturing environment that fosters your child's growth and happiness. Start your journey towards confident and empowered parenting today!

You're not doing anything wrong; you simply need the right support, the right person by your side.

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