Parent Coaching:

Embark on a 12 week journey resulting in your personal parenting transformation to be able to show up as the calm, confident parent you envision.


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Week 1: Welcome and Orientation:  setting a container, discussing expectations and learning.

Week 2: Setting Your Intentions as an Empowered Parent:  Discussing what you would like to get from the program.

Week 3: The 10 Pillars of Transformational Parenting: a breakdown of parenting goals.

Week 4: Making Sense of Attachment Science: based on the work of  Dr. Daniel Siegal, and others, learning about the different attachment systems, discovering personal attachment style based on our childhood and what attachment style you are in with your children.

Week 5: Making Sense of Nervous System Science:  This really helps you as the parent understand what kids are capable developmentally; not just based on their age. And learning sensory calming tools for you and your children.

Week 6: Making Sense of Mindsight and Brain Science: Learning to go underneath the behaviors and really unearthing the root cause. 

Week 7:  Making Sense of Emotional Intelligence: The heart of Empowered Parenting is understanding how our physiology, brain, and emotions work together to create our inner orchestra. 

Week 8: Empowered Conversations: Using the work of Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenburg, PhD, to help guide how to communicate effectively and make a request.

Week 9: The PEACE Process: Brining it all together and an approach to handles any situation.

Week 10: Exploring Anger and Healthy Aggression: We often learn anger as negative emotion; this lesson helps reframe anger into a messenger.  Rather than trying to ignore it or shamed out of it; learning to express it in a healthy way.

Week 11: Playful Parenting and Storytelling: methods to being playfulness into parenting at any age!

Week 12: Your Personal Transformation: A review of the past 11 weeks and a look into your personal transformation, goals achieved and steps ahead.

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